Spiral Wine Cellar Information

Spanish Cellars is a builder of custom designed wine storage. From vaults, storage rooms, and wine walls to underground spiral wine cellars- we are here to bring your wine dreams to life.


  • Stainless steel cellar design.
  • White concrete blocks, coated with Venetian plaster to prevent stain absorption.
  • Industrial actuators rated for 2 million cycles.
  • Standard depth of 10 feet with ability of depths up to 50 feet with customized width.
  • 10 ft deep cellar holds 1900 bottles / 152 cases.
  • 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity. Dual wifi connection in cellar through two separate networks to ensure consistent connectivity
  • Custom light up system.
  • Wall mounted Touchscreen Display Panel for control of cellar guard rail, door, lights, wine catalog, and more.
  • Maintenance free humidifier (patent pending).
  • Auto Guardrail and Handrail (patent pending), with variable speed and built in pressure safety system.
  • Battery backup system.
  • Carbon monoxide sensors.
  • External AC and humidifier for ease of maintenance and repairs. External location also eliminates any damage from potential leaks or breakdowns.
  • Internal camera system to make remote inspections and instant resets if needed.
  • Also available in Labyrinth cellar design
  • Complies with codes in all 50 states.


  • 2 layers of 7" reinforced concrete totaling 14" with 3 layers of waterproofing membrane in between making 100% waterproof in any soil condition.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • 3/4” tempered Sapphire glass.
  • Stairs 1/2” stainless steel with optional customization including lights.



  • Wine bar that rises within the cellar.
  • Rising beer tap.
  • Wine Logging program created for your collections.
  • A doorway at the bottom of the steps that leads to another room, basement, more wine storage or our labyrinth design.